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You shouldn’t have to do business with insurance people who don’t understand you or your business.

As a CPA, you focus on facts, not fluff. Wasting time and/or money is not your idea of a productive, professional interaction. You know insurance is a necessary component of sound financial planning. But you shouldn’t have to deal with pushy sales people who try to scare you into buying more than you need or who call you incessantly when it’s time to buy but disappear if you need to make a claim.

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Protect your loved ones.
Protect your assets.
Protect your way of life.
You shouldn’t have to do business with insurance people who don’t understand you or your business.

Who We Are

Who is CPAIPW and why should you trust us?

Founded as a non-profit by CPAs for CPAs, CPAIPW (or CPA Insurance Plans West if you want to get formal) offers insurance and other benefit plans exclusively to CPA firms, individual CPAs and their spouses and dependents, CPA staff and students in Western Canada. We’re equipped to take care of everything digitally, even though we’ve been around longer than the world wide web. So we know the ins and outs of insurance and the evolving needs of CPAs better than anyone else. And yes, you must be a Chartered Professional Accountant or associated with one to do business with us.

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Go ahead, take a look at our numbers.


year founded.


focus on CPAs and associates.

$38 million

premiums refunded to members.


renewal retention.

We’re here to counsel and guide, not hassle and push.

Don’t want to deal with relentless sales people just looking to make quota or beat last month’s numbers? We don’t have any! Instead of paying out fat commissions or big bonuses, we give experienced based refunds to our customers instead.

We’re not here to push the latest hot product. We’re here to guide you to the insurance that’s best for you and your particular needs. No confusing jargon. No corporate-y gobbledygook. Just the facts and the figures. Plain talk. Clear counsel.

Bottom line, you can always count on us for competitive rates and, just as important, the guidance you need to get the right insurance at the right price and coverage levels for your exact circumstances and needs right now.

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We’re here to counsel and guide, not hassle and push.

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Cover of the Needs Assessment Results and Quoted Premiums report.

A Comprehensive Analysis and Direct Plan of Action for Your Life Insurance Needs.

  • Understand how Life Insurance supports your Life plan.
  • Bring your plan to Life with detailed calculations of what you need.
  • Get a copy of your comprehensive plan to use as a reference through your discovery process.
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Our Products

No matter what kind of insurance you’re looking for — you can get a quote in minutes.

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Term Life Insurance icon
Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance protects those you care about in the event you pass. Our Term Life policy is age banded, an affordable way to protect your friends and family when they need it the most.

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Long Term Disability insurance icon
Long Term Disability

An annual tax-free benefit as replacement income in the event you are unable to work due to injury or long-term disability.

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Home and Auto insurance icon
Home and Auto Insurance*

Our partnership with The Personal Insurance Company allows us to provide the best group rates for Home and Auto insurance. *offered through a third party

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All our products

Critical Illness Insurance icon
Critical Illness Insurance

A tax-free lump sum is deposited to you in the event you are diagnosed with one of the covered illnesses.

Child Critical Illness insurance icon
Child Critical Illness

A tax-free lump sum is deposited to you in the instance your dependent child is diagnosed with one of the covered illnesses. This lump sum is to help you help your child.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance icon
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

A lump sum for your dependents if an accident occurs that results in your death or serious injury.

Office Overhead insurance icon
Office Overhead Insurance

Monthly payment for your office expenses in the event of your disability.

Dependent Child insurance icon
Dependent Child Insurance

Financial protection for expenses resulting upon the loss of an eligible child.

Travel Insurance icon
Travel Insurance*

Individual coverage for any losses incurred through international or domestic travel. *offered through a third party

Health and Dental insurance icon
Health and Dental Insurance*

Exclusive rates to CPAs, and their spouses and dependents to cover those everyday health and emergency medical needs not covered by your provincial health plans with supplemental health insurance. *offered through a third party

Immigrants and Visitors insurance icon
Immigrants and Visitors Insurance*

Having family visit from overseas? Helping a parent or grandparent apply for a Super Visa? Considering making Canada your family's permanent home? Extend health benefits to your loved ones and make sure they're covered for emergency medical costs during their stay.*offered through a third party

Member Family Assistance Plan

Professional assistance for you and your family providing you confidential short-term counselling for personal issues, such as mental health, addiction, financial and legal concerns, marital relationships, and family support.


What CPAs say about CPAIPW

Save Time

Save Time

We’ll make everything fast and easy for you to understand.

Save Money

Coverage customized for your needs. It’s the right time for the right products at the right price.


We’ve got you covered. (Hey, we’re insurance people. We love to say that!)

No seriously, our decades of experience working with CPAs and our expertise in all things insurance will make sure we find you the best coverage possible for your particular needs and circumstances. We’re here for you now. And whenever you need us in the future.

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Customer Portal

The CPAIPW Online Portal makes accessing your insurance a breeze.

Inside the portal, you can:

  • Review your policy & documents at a glance.
  • Update your personal information.
  • Pay invoices and renew your policy.
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