Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD)

Protect your family’s lifestyle in the event of injury or illness.

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Picture this

A horrible incident occurred.

You were recently in a motor vehicle collision. It left you with a broken leg and concussion. You are unable to work for an extended period of time.

Without replacement income, your lifestyle is at risk

If you are unable to work and you do not have an income replacement plan in place, your family is at risk of compromising their lifestyle to provide for basic necessities. If you are self-employed LTD is critical as you do not have coverage from an employer.

With LTD insurance, you protect your day-to-day

With LTD you can relax knowing you’ve ensured money for piano lessons, clothes for growing kids, sports programs, gym memberships, and all your basic needs.

Protect your way of life

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Office Overhead Insurance

Office Overhead Insurance is a monthly payment for your office expenses in the event of your disability. If you are a sole proprietor, part owner at a small firm, or self-employed, we recommend Office Overhead Insurance in addition to a Long-Term Disability policy.

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LTD insurance replaces lost income in the event you suffer from an illness or injury preventing you from working your regular hours, or at all.

LTD insurance is a tax-free benefit paid monthly. The benefit amount is determined by your current income, and any other income replacement plans you may already have in place.

  1. You are a single income family.
  2. You are a dual income family but rely on both incomes to meet your daily needs and expenses.
  3. You are a key person in a company.

We encouraged all CPAs to review their employment contracts. We offer up to 60% of your salary, so if you don’t have enough through your employer, you can top up your coverage with CPAIPW.

With CPAIPW you have the freedom to select the length of your waiting period. The duration of the waiting period depends on your financial plan to pay for your days out of work.

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