Since 1975, CPA Insurance Plans West has worked exclusively as a non-profit organization on behalf of Chartered Professional Accountants (both individuals and CPA organization of all sizes). Our knowledge and dedication to our clients over the years has seen to the growth of our reputation, success, and membership. Our members benefit from competitive rates, flexible plans, group purchasing, international coverage and more. Our knowledge and claims experience has enabled us to give back almost $38 million to our members since 1981. CPA Insurance Plans West was created by CPAs and is dedicated to providing the best value insurance exclusively to CPA organizations, individual CPAs, and their dependents in Western Canada.


As a CPAIPW plan member, you and your family will receive the lowest rates and the largest savings, exclusive to CPA businesses and individuals. Our organization's fundamental principles include sustainability, compassion, integrity and transparency. With our 40 plus years of experience, we will help you, your family, and your business enjoy a prosperous present and secure future.


Personalized Customer Services

Our members are more than just our clients, they are the foundation of our organization.


Non-profit Organization

As a non-profit organization, our goal is to maximize your savings, not our revenue.


Low Rates & Premium Refunds

You worked hard for your designation, now take advantage of CPA exclusive insurance rates. Surplus premiums are refunded to our members annually - over 35 million to date.


Comprehensive Plans

Flexible and customizable plans at your fingertips. Mix and match your insurance plans to fit your needs.


CPAIPW verus Manulife Cover-Me® and Sunlife Go Term-Life®: $500,000 term life insurance annual premium comparison.

Disclaimer: Rates above represent male and female CPAs under the following criteria(s): age 35 and non-smoker; rates are based on similar term life products; policy provisions will vary between carriers; rates as of July 1, 2019.

  • Manulife
  • CoverMe Plan
  • Male (35 non-smoker) $466.64
  • Female (35 non-smoker) $366.64
  • For Profit Organization
  • No Premium Refund
  • Generic rates available to anyone
  • Term Life Insurance Plan
  • Male (35 non-smoker) $210.00
  • Female (35 non-smoker) $162.00
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Annual Premium Refunds
  • Exclusive CPA Rates
  • Specialized Customer Support for CPAs
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  • Sunlife
  • GoTerm Plan
  • Male (35 non-smoker) $495.56
  • Female (35 non-smoker) $390.00
  • For Profit Organization
  • No Premium Refund
  • Generic rates available to anyone


  • "I am very appreciative of the staff at both CPA Insurance Plans West and Desjardins Insurance for supporting me during this extremely difficult period in my life." Catherine Woode, CPA, CA
  • Most years, we unexpectedly receive refunds as CPA Insurance Plans West refunds any surpluses. We have done price comparisons in the past and no other provider was even close..." Martine, Ribeyre Chang Haylock CPAs