Office Overhead Insurance

Maximum Coverage

Available in units of $100 up to a maximum of $6,000. Partners and sole proprietors insured under the Long Term Disability plan with CPAIPW are eligible.

Monthly Premiums Per Unit of $100

Age at April 1

Monthly payment per unit
<40 0.55
40-49 0.80
50-59 1.30
60-68 1.88
69 Coverage Terminates

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Benefits Payment

Benefits commence after 30 days of total and continuous disability and continue until disability ceases, the practice is disposed of, or one year has elapsed, whichever occurs first. If you are partially disabled, benefits will be proportional to the time worked.

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Limitations and Exclusions

No benefit is provided for the member salary, fees or drawing account, or renumeration to any CPA or other person who replaces a member to perform his prior duties for the purpose of generating income for the firm. Payments for new equipment and mortgage principal are excluded.

In addition, the limitations and exclusions applicable to the Long Term Disability Insurance also apply.

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Waiver of Premiums

Premiums will be waived retroactively after 6 months of total disability.

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Office Content

Metrix & Gore Mutual: 1.800.690.7475

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