Health and Dental Insurance

The cost of everyday life can add up quickly and health care needs can place additional and sometimes unexpected financial burdens on your family. Make sure you are covered for everyday health and emergency medical needs not covered by your provincial health plan with supplemental health insurance. CPA's, their spouses and dependents have access to two great coverage options at exclusive preferred rates. Finding the plan that suits your needs should be easy, no matter what stage of life you're in!

We have three plans and optional enhancements like prescription drugs and dental care benefits available with Personal Health Coverage offering the flexibility to build a plan that fits your family.

Are you or your spouse leaving an employer health benefits plan? You'll likely want to keep those same great benefits. With guaranteed acceptance and no medical questions if your plan begins within 60 days of losing your previous coverage, Replacement Health Coverage is the no hoops, no hassle coverage you're looking for.

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