Group Dental Insurance

Note: Must select Life and LTD coverage. This is an optional benefit. All staff members must participate and must be eligible for benefits under their provincial government health plan. Family coverage can be chosen to cover spouse and dependent children.

Basic Preventative Services

→   Firm chooses 80% or 100% reimbursement
→   Available to firms with 3 or more staff members
→   $1,500 yearly maximum per insured/spouse/dependent child

Coverage includes:

→  Examinations (4 per year per person)
→  X-rays
→  Fillings
→   Extractions
→   Anesthetics
→   Oral surgery
→   Space maintainers (dependent children under age 15)
→   Root canal
→   Gum disease services
→   Denture lining
→   Rebasing
→   Fluoride treatment (up to age 19)

Major Restorative Services

→   Available for firms with 3 or more staff members; optional benefit
→   $1,500 yearly maximum per insured/spouse/dependent
→   Reimbursement is at 50%

Coverage includes:

→   Dentures
→   Crowns
→   Inlays
→   Onlays
→   Bridgework

Replacements are covered only if the existing ones are at least 5 years old and no longer serviceable.

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Orthodontic Services

→   Available for firms with 15 or more staff members
→   For dependent children only under the age of 19
→   Reimbursement is at 50%; optional benefit if basic & major restorative services is selected
→   $2,500 lifetime maximum per dependent child

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Termination Provision

→   Dental benefits will automatically terminate on yourlast day worked or retirement
→   Compassionate Clause: 24-month survivor benefit for a deceased employee’s spouse and/or dependent children

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Limitations and Exclusions

No benefits payable:

→   Due to accident resulting from self-inflicted injury, insurrection or war, or active participation in any illegal activity
→   For treatments mainly due to cosmetic reasons
→   For appointment cancellation fees or completion of claim forms
→   Uncommon procedures and services in excess of $500 should be sent to Great West Life for predetermination prior to incurring charges to determine        eligibility

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